Inspire, educate, motivate and entertain your audience at your Women’s Event this year

Make your next Women’s Event an empowering and inspiring experience for yourself, your team and your clients!

Book  one of our sought-after Women Event Speakers now, to present these dynamic talks to your business:

These are life-changing presentations for women. Motivate, inspire and energise staff and clients with dynamic, interactive and practical presentations by our sought-after Women’s Event Speakers.

Make your Women’s Event an inspiring, exciting and memorable experience. Book one of our fabulous Women’s Day Speakers now.

Packaged for Success

This dynamic and practical presentation will provide your team, clients, guests with the tools to command personal presence, design a powerful brand, project lasting impressions and be Packaged for Success. This presentation will equip your audience with the tools to release their full potential, brilliance and fabulosity!

Packaged for success-womens day


Please note these are not public workshops. To book a date or find out more about our Women’s Day presentations click here.

Is your team stressed and tired? Energise them with…


 The FAB Quotient™

Fab quotient

As women, we can often manage being stress-rich and time-poor, however there are more effective ways to staying resilient. Presenting the FAB Quotient™ framework, Celynn Erasmus and/or Joni Pedie will share how to shift from being stressed, tired and sick to being balanced, energized and well. Click here for more information on these dynamic presentations.



 The Superwoman Syndrome

(Please note this presentation currently only presented in the USA by Haydee Antezana)

 Do the women in your team:

  • Wish they had more hours in a day?
  • Constantly feel overwhelmed?
  • Live in survival mode – trying to be everything to everybody?

This interactive and inspirational talk will equip your colleagues, clients and guests to celebrate their fabulosity and release their full and unlimited potential!

Women Event Speaker 2


These workshops are not available to the public. For more information about these talks click here


How can our Women’s Event Speakers add value to your event?


Women event speaker 1


Our practical and dynamic presentations will provide your audience with strategies to:


  • Release their unlimited potential, brilliance and  fabulosity!
  • Build a powerful personal brand.
  • Self-motivate and maintain a positive attitude.
  • Command executive  presence and credibility.
  • Increase confidence and self-esteem.
  • Develop strategies to create new opportunities in career and personal paths.
  • Project memorable first impressions.
  • Find workable solutions for day-to-day interactions.
  • Unlock energy and vitality by fueling correctly.
  • Reduce stress and be brain fit by activating smartly.
  • Be authentic and collaborate powerfully by managing your behaviour and further developing your self-awareness.


What Clients Say:


Womeneventspeaker4This insightful talk has raised the morale amongst the ladies in the office. Your ability to speak to both the rational and emotional sides of the ladies makes this presentation one with long term effect. Kirby Louis-Manager-Corporate Communications-TOYOTA South Africa Motors.Read more




Email us at to book one of our speakers, who will ensure your event will be inspiring, exciting and a memorable experience. We will tailor make your presentation to suit your specific needs.  Please note these are not public workshops. 



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These are life changing presentations for women. Our Women’s Day Speakers will empower, motivate, energise…Read More

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